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People love our courses and they have a very positive impact


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Our current Net Promotor Score sits at a stellar 85.7


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Best money practices

Good money practices are the foundation for financial stability and wealth-building


Understand Credit: The basics of what credit, interest, and credit scores are.

Credit Cards: What to look for and best practices for credit card usage to improve credit score.

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Debt Management: Learn how to avoid issues, and prioritize payments.


Why and When to Invest: Understand why investing is so important and when it matters.


Investing Best Practices: Learn about Stock and Bond Indexes and how to invest in them.

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Retirement Accounts: Review retirement accounts and which might be best for you. 

Why us?

  • Proven. We only teach the best financial habits and strategies.

  • Entirely free. We are a non-profit, and our courses are entirely free.

  • Live instructor. Allows you to ask questions throughout the course. 

  • Mobile friendly. No need to sit at a desk, or go somewhere in-person.

  • Simple and effective. In just a few 40min calls we teach you the keys.

MoneyLaws Founder & Lead Instructor

Alberto Namnum

As the owner of a 13 location restaurant chain, I observed a significant gap in money management knowledge among our employees.


A lot of this information has been over complicated by social media "experts" or organizations who charge for long time-consuming courses. We focus on simple efficient courses to help spread this valuable information easily and for free. 

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Alexa Young, 32

"Before enrolling in these financial literacy courses, I felt overwhelmed by the world of investing. Alberto simplified the concepts down to show me that it's no where near as difficult to understand as I thought it was."
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