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We are a non-profit that teaches index fund investing via free 4 week Zoom courses with a live instructor

What do we teach?

Everything you need to know to be a great investor. See some of our course materials below:

What are great investing practices?

Strategies that focus on index funds. They are the easiest, closest to proven, and most reliable way to invest your money.

How the course works

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Sign Up

Sign up and we will send you the week 1 info slides and the zoom link to the course. Join via cpu or mobile. 

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Join Weekly Zoom

Course is 4 30min zoom calls taught by an expert with time for Q&A. We will send the info we will cover before each session. 

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Begin Investing

After the course there will be a 5th session where we live demo investment platforms if you want extra guidance.

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Avoid bad investing

There is a bunch of BS in the investing world: stock picking, day trading, Forex, etc.

The last thing you want to do with your hard earned money is follow the new investing fad. Sadly many people who are giving advice are also making off of you in some way and that is why they pitch these BS investment strategies.


Index investing is easy & requires little work

Any stock market investing method which is hard to learn and requires your time is most likely BS. The best way to invest does not require you to do any hard work. You simply pick the right index funds for you and add a bit of money to them each month. That's it.

Why us

Why learn with us?

  • Proven. We only teach the best investment strategies.

  • Entirely free. We are a non-profit, and make no money off of you in any way.

  • Live instructor. Allows you to ask questions about any doubts you have throughout the course. 

  • All via mobile. No need to sit at a computer, or go somewhere in-person.

  • Simple and effective. In just 4 30min calls we teach you everything you need to know.

Don't just trust us

See what some of the worlds most well known and respected investing experts say about index fund investing:

Warren Buffet

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

"The best way in my view is to just buy a low-cost index fund and keep buying it regularly over time, because you'll be buying into a wonderful industry, which in effect is all of American industry... People ought to sit back and relax and keep accumulating over time."

Index Fund Numbers

$11 Trillion

Total money in index funds


Avg index fund fee per year


Average yearly return of an S&P index fund

MoneyLaws Founder & Lead Instructor

Alberto Namnum

I own a chain of 13 restaurants and through my relationships with our employees I noticed a serious lack of index fund investing knowledge.


I have been an index fund investor since I was 12, and I am now excited to be giving courses to help spread this very valuable information to others. 

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