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How to Choose a Bank

The Importance

Your bank is more than a money holder—it's your financial ally. Here are some questions below to guide you in determining if the bank is the right fit for you.

Also make sure to talk to any friends or family about which banks they use and how their experience has been with them.

Questions to Guide You


  • What is the monthly service fee for a standard checking account?

  • Is there a monthly fee for a savings account?

  • How much do you charge for an out-of-network ATM withdrawal?

  • What other fees exist?

Overdraft Policies

  • Do you charge for overdrafts? If yes, what is the fee?

  • Do you offer any overdraft protection services?

Account Offerings

  • Do you offer both checking and savings accounts?

  • Are there different tiers or types of each?

Account Minimums

  • Is there a minimum balance requirement for a checking account?

  • Is there a minimum balance requirement for a savings account?

Interest Rates

  • What is the current interest rate for a standard savings account?

  • If you offer high-yield savings accounts, what is the interest rate?

  • What restrictions apply to the savings account such as number of transfers in and out of per month?

Online & Mobile Banking Features

  • Do you offer a mobile app for banking? Check the reviews.

  • Does your mobile banking app allow for mobile check deposit and bill pay?

Customer Service Availability

  • What are your customer service operating hours?

  • Is there a 24/7 hotline?

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